Student Activist Spotlight: Junior Rahaf Bahr

Q: Why do you consider yourself a student activist?

A: I consider myself a student activist because I am always willing to learn to be more open minded about certain topics and I try to take action about every issue that I’m passionate about, knowing that I am not only doing it for my benefit but for others as well.

Q: What issue are you most passionate about?

A: I am most passionate about issues such as gender equality and lack of education.   

Q: What steps do you take to make a difference in your community?

A: I try to take even the smallest steps when I can’t be part of a larger cause, by joining others who are passionate about the same issues so that we could work together to take actions successfully. 

Q: How do you plan to carry your activism into your adulthood?

A: I plan to be the same level, if not more, of outspokenness as I am now. I plan to hopefully be more involved and organize small events with my close friends and family about things that we are passionate about. I plan to stand up for what is right no matter how small because even the smallest steps can dissolve chunks of a situation:)

Q: What advice would you give to your peers that want to make a difference?

A: I would encourage them to start from now especially when they are still in high school and have a lot of people who would sympathize with them and they will be stronger if they decide to work together about issues they are passionate about from right now. 

Q: How have you done that makes you an activist?

A: I am an officer in Just World and we organize a lot of events such as the Write for Rights where we try to get justice for innocent prisoners who were prisoned due to things they were passionate about, and we do lots of food drives and offer supplies as donations where they are needed. This year is also my first year where I was peer helper in which I guided new Arab students that recently moved to America and I helped them adjust to the school and be there for them.  

Q: Why is student activism important?

A: Student activism is important especially when we’re still in school because we will find a larger support system with our friends and fellow peers about social issues they care about. We also have to remember that we are the next generation and we will be shaping the future so we should take as much action when we are young as we can. 

Q: Do you think students should be more involved in social issues, if so, why and how?

A: I think students should be more involved in social issues because as I said before we are shaping the future so we should get more involved as we can. We can come together and create an alliance so that we can work towards said issue. We would also inspire other students to raise awareness about what they’re passionate about.