Student affected by Typhoon Haiyan


On Nov. 8, one of the most intense tropical storms ever recorded, Typhoon Haiyan, struck the southern Philippines, greatly affecting over 500,000 civilians. The tragedy caused about 26,000 families homeless, 2,000 Filipinos to be missing and over 6,000 deaths. Those impacted by the typhoon still continue to struggle to find shelter and food. Senior Angel Jomuad is personally affected by the nature disaster.

“I heard of the typhoon first hand through the Filipino channel” Jomuad said. “I was worried once I heard about the attack because I have family there in the south. Even if it damaged most of the north, I was still concerned because it being a third world country, the government will have a hard time aiding the civilians. and also, most of the areas were not as industrial so the structure are easily damaged.”

Many relative and family friends survived the attack but not everyone was lucky.

“My aunt’s husband and kids went missing” Jomuad said. “She was working at a different city but her family lived where the storm hit.”

Jomuad informs us that are still missing and it’s been the family’s priority to find them by lending her aunt money for the past month.

The Philippines have received aid from numerous country, franchissements, and celebrities such as the United States, The Swedish Furniture Chain Ikea, and Justin Bieber. The United Nations is working on donating 791 million dollars by this year. With all this help and support, the Philippines sees hope in recovering soon.

Other students were also impacted and deeply emotional about the disaster. Many have compiled packages and sent money to aid the country.

“I was shocked and scared because my mom was in the Philippines when the typhoon happened, but when we called her she told us she was alright,” senior Christene Bersal said. “I’ve already sent some money and I’m planning to send more over the break.”

“The philippines is a third world country and so we are use to hardship” Jomuad said. “I think that losing material things are not as impactful as the lives lost. I heard that the U.S., Norway, and other nations are helping out. And I think that with the help of their troops we can find those who are missing, and send aid to those isolated at the moment. The Philippines does not have enough rescue boats and choppers for such a large damage. The aid will really help save the lives that can be saved.”