How to prepare a delectable Ghanaian Bofrot


Wenslie T. Kodua , Staff Writer

Bofrot or puff puff is a delectable dough based snack in west african countries. This dish is highly favoured and is generally contested with multiple countries claiming to have the best recipe.

Ingredients you will need:

All purpose flour

White/Brown sugar

Active dry yeast

1 TSP nutmeg

A pinch of salt

How to prepare it:

  • Add 2 cups of warm water to a bowl and pour about 3 TSP of active dry yeast. Then add a half TSP of sugar then mix it all together. You can reduce or increase the amount of sugar to your preference.
  • In a clean bowl add 2 ½ TSP of all purpose flour. Add a pinch of salt and along side the salt add 4 TSP of sugar. Then add your 1 TSP of nutmeg and mix it together very well.  
  • After ten minutes of waiting for the warm water mixture, gradually add it to you dry mixture and stir. (Your water must be luke warm and not too hot or else it would kill the yeast). Gradually add it to make a doughy paste with the dry mixture.
  • After now mixing both the wet and dry ingredients together wrap the bowl with a plastic wrap to cover the dough. Make sure there are no holes present, this gives the dough the opportunity to rise.
  • Set that aside for 45 minutes to an hour for it to rise and if needed add more time. Unravel the plastic wrap and make sure the bofrot mixture is at a not to thick yet movable dough consistency.
  • Once unraveled tease the dough into forming a ball good enough to drop it your oil. Place your oil on the stove on medium heat for about 5 minutes so it’s the right temperature to fry.
  • To test the temperature you could place a ball of the mix to fry to test your temperature. Once it is hot enough depending on your pot size place sizeable amounts of balls of the mixture into the pot. It is very important to not overcrowd the bofrot.
  • Let the bofrot balls slowly cook and once it is a crisp brown on one side flip it to the other side to cook just the same. Some may not like to roll so pay attention and personally roll then to brown them evenly.

Your Bofrot balls should be crisp and delicious after setting them to dry. Enjoy your puff balls!