Going through Ghana’s Black Star Gate


Wenslie T. Kodua, Staff Writer

The Black Star Gate or the independence arch is Ghana’s very own independence square. This important landmark is not only beautiful but is loved, cherished and respected by Ghana’s people.

The gate is used as a festival site, parade ground and site for the president’s inauguration. It is a building that reminds Ghanaians of the 6th of the March which is Ghana’s independence day.

It is located inside the roundabout area surrounded by other sites, hotels and much more. This site is a perfect tourist site because there aren’t many people so you have time to really look around and take pictures.

The black star gate is the second largest independence square in the world. It is also known to be a memorial to an unknown soldier. Near the Black Star gate is the Accra sports stadium, the castle and the Kwame Nkrumah memorial park.

“It sounds cool, and why not take a trip to visit another country’s independence square? I would like to visit Ghana one day and its Black Star gate” sophomore Insaf Bouzana said.

It is a great trip site to go to and yet many do not know about such a monument. On very special occasions, the gate is open and the president of Ghana rides through.

“I’ve seen pictures and heard of Ghana many times, and I have also seen pictures on the black star gate at night and didn’t know much about it. I would consider visiting, especially at night” sophomore Jonta Carothers said.

It is an impressive structure and yet the fountains nearby need maintenance as well as the gardens. At night, the statue is especially captivating due to the lights. This place is really a great place of significance.

An area of reflection for Ghana’s struggle.