Seniors-only concert coming to AHS

This year, seniors really do seem to have it all. Members of the senior class were the only students to receive parking passes, take PSAT day off and have the option of ditching the cafeteria for the courtyard during lunch. This year, however, the seniors have an added bonus – their very own private concert.

This Monday, Oct. 25, Lady Danville will be coming to play a free, exclusive show at 2:30 p.m. in AHS’s auditorium.

“All seniors should come on Monday,” senior class president Emma Barker said. “This is a huge deal! What else would seniors be doing at 2:30 on a Monday afternoon? Homework? I highly doubt it.”

“It was actually Principal Ponton’s idea to make it a seniors-only concert,” said Class of 2011 officer Victoria Ko. “It’s really nice just to have our own class event – I think it’s going to spark a lot of class spirit.”

In order to ensure that the event remains solely for seniors, school IDs will be checked at the door.

“The school isn’t paying for anything,” Barker said. “However, Lady Danville is selling shirts, CDs and other merchandise after the concert.”

The journey towards making this show happen started off as a chance encounter. Class of 2010 President Jen Oakes heard one of the band’s songs, “Spoon,” in the mockumentary “Dorm Life” over a year ago and decided to track the band down.

“I added them on Facebook and just started talking to them about their music and whatnot,” Oakes said. “One day, they were like ‘hey, by the way we might come to DC to play at Jammin’ Java for our East Coast tour!’ So the SGA got really excited and tried to arrange plans for them to come play at AHS, but in the end they didn’t have the funds to travel out to the East Coast.”

Although plans for the show did not come to fruition last year, Lady Danville still kept AHS in mind.

“[Lady Danville] recently messaged me and was like ‘could you put us in contact with the current senior class president because we are coming to Virginia and we want to play for AHS! ’” Oakes said.

At the moment, Lady Danville is making their way toward AHS in their tour bus, which they have affectionately named Brenda.

“We’re driving across the country, with a few shows on the way to New York, where we’ll be performing at the CMJ Festival,” vocalist and drummer Matt Frankel said. “Then after that we’re coming to Annandale!”

In addition to Frankel, Lady Danville features the voices of Michael Garner, who also plays the keyboard and Dan Chang, who plays guitar. The band gets their name from the town of Danville, California, where Garner and Chang both grew up.

“Dan and Michael didn’t know each other in Danville, they actually went to different high schools,” said Frankel. “We all met at an audition at UCLA for an a cappella group!”

In addition to being featured on “Dorm Life,” Lady Danville has shared the stage with several well-known artists, although they do not believe they’ve had a definitive big break.

“We’ve joined the stage with some amazing artists, such as Sara Bareilles, Jack’s Mannequin and Adele,” Frankel said. “We won a really cool radio competition too [and] were featured on the 98.7 Star Lounge CD with John Mayer, Keane, Maroon 5 and some other great artists.”

“It’s interesting,” Frankel continued. “Sometimes certain accomplishments feel like they will be a ‘break,’ but they just end up being fun and make us feel like we have accomplished something great as a band, regardless of how it moves our careers forward.”

The band also has some quirky habits.

“We do have a couple of pre-show rituals. Michael does somersaults, Dan blows his nose and I tape my fingers,” said Frankel.

After their show at AHS, Lady Danville plans to play another show at Jammin’ Java in Vienna.

“We wanted to have this show because the AHS show is only for seniors, so in the evening we would love to have all of the underclassmen and their families (and of course seniors that want to see us again!) come to the show in the evening,” Frankel said.

Lady Danville goes on at 6:30 p.m. Sing Me Insomnia, Alexis Babini and Kyle Patrick, from The Click Five, will also be performing. For more information, visit