Met Gala Prom: A success

AHS hosted its senior Prom this past Saturday, May 20 at the Marriott at Fair Oaks.
The theme of the dance was the Met Gala, and students gathered to showcase their unique and fashionable outfits and have fun with their friends.
“I enjoyed the Prom, my friends and I took pictures, went out to dinner, and then attended the dance where there was a cool atmosphere, snacks, and drinks for us,” senior Evan Burita said.
Leadership has worked and fundraised to put on this Prom, which included a DJ, the venue, food, a drink station, and a photo booth for students to enjoy.
Students were able to gather with their friends and celebrate all of their accomplishments throughout this year and high school.
The event impressed students, but one popular complaint was the performance of the DJ. The DJ played the duration of songs and did not cut from song-to-song, and he played a number of songs that were unfamiliar to students.
“Overall, I enjoyed the experience because I got ready with my friends and took pictures with them and went out to dinner, so overall, the experience was enjoyable,” senior Olivia Cruz said. “I loved seeing everyone dressed up and having fun together.”
Prom kicked off the start of senior celebrations that will occur during the next few weeks leading up to graduation and all-night-graduation on June 5 and 6.