A student’s first hand account of the Ron Paul Rally In Springfield


I stand with Adam Kokesh after the rally was over.

Ron Paul.

The new voice of this age’s political youth and conscious patriots came to the Waterford on Feb 28 to pump up his supporters for Super Tuesday next week, where over 400 delegate votes could be acquired from Virginia and 10 other states.

I arrived outside at 7 p.m., a half hour past when Paul was scheduled to speak.

I was glad to see that it seemed the event did not start yet, as people where lining up outside and nobody was allowed to enter.

It turned out that people had long been lining up to see Paul speak, and 2,000 people had already been packed inside. My family and I were part of the thousand waiting outside to see if we could enter.

It’s interesting to see that Paul seems to draws the largest number of enthusiastic supporters to his events, but the votes he obtains are diminished, according to official sources.

“He’s the only one that served, and the only one that is against war. I owe the man and the idea of freedom [my attendance],” Vickie from Montgomery, MD said.

Hotel staff had to come out and tell the eager crowd outside to leave, as the venue was already over-capacity.

I returned a little before 9 p.m. and saw that as people were leaving, people outside were allowed to come in to even the numbers.

I talked to a fellow young supporter who was holding a sign displaying the flow of money through government and the hierarchy of control that he believes needs to be effaced.

“There’s a bigger picture than what the media tells us from when we’re born [to now],” Ronald Vu from Alexandria said.

Some may note and question some of Ron Paul’s supporters who look to be crazy conspiracy theorists.

“There’s a difference between conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts,” Vu said. Vu attracted many other supporters and cameras as he shouted to get his message out.

Another person that I met was Virginia Delegate Robert Marshall, who was trying to collect signatures with his wife, Catherine, to put him on the ballot for Senate this year.

“Ron Paul has brought the American peoples’ attention to the Federal Reserve. More people are aware of it and know what they can do about it. If nothing else comes from this race, [the attention brought to Federal Reserve] would be worth it,” Marshall said.

Catherine Marshall brought to my attention that citizens who would be 18 by the date of the general election could register to vote in their primaries.

When the rally was officially over, people who were still waiting outside were allowed to go in the see the remnants of the rally.

Supporters were socializing and the energy of the night was still widely present.

I was disappointed to see that Paul had left already, but glad to notice that another well-known freedom fighter was hanging around. The best part of the night was when I talked to Adam Kokesh, an Iraq war veteran, libertarian activist and talk show host

Even though I missed Ron Paul speak, I was amazed to see that thousands of people in the Northern Virginia area showed up to support liberty and truth.

“Liberty is the answer to the mess that we’re in today,” Paul said.

Hopefully, everyone that showed up to the rally will vote next week on Super Tuesday.

The only reason a person would not vote for Paul would be because they do not understand him. He is not our savior, but he is a symbol of revolution. A revolution where the people take up the reins and take command of their lives and their world. A revolution of liberty against infringing tyranny, where the individual overcomes the collective. A revolution where the wind of truth blows away the wool over our eyes.

Ron Paul is more than a man. He is an idea, and ideas spread like wildfire.