Class of 2016 begins this year’s elections


Melanie Bennett

Freshman Nathanel Bennett, who is running for class president, fills out the Election packet which was due on Sept. 11. Elections will be held today during the W4 block.

As we begin a new year, the freshman class of 2016 prepare for their class elections. Leadership students have passed out “Intent to Run” packets, which have been turned in.

“Leadership students have gone to classes to inform and encourage students about the elections,” leadership teacher Stephanie Harmony said.

Now that the students are informed, they can start to write speeches about how they believe they will make a difference.

Freshman Nathanael Bennett is one of the candidates this year. “I’m doing freshman elections this year because I feel that I can make the school a better place for freshmen,” Bennett said.

Bennett believes that he has great discipline, and will be an asset to the freshman class. He is one of the many freshman candidates who thinks he can change AHS for the better, beginning with increasing the amount of fundraisers to raise money for Prom, and making them more enjoyable.

Freshman Kevin Folli, who is also one of the candidates this year, also wants to make more money for the class’ Prom in four years.

“I believe that I will be a good leader because I have good leadership qualities such as responsibility and respect for my peers,” Folli said.

Competition will be fierce, as there are more applicants than positions, and no shortage of students willing to run.

In past years, there have been eight  freshmen willing to run. This year, that number has increased to 12.

“I have never had such a big group of enthusiastic freshman before,” Harmony said. “They’re going to be rock stars.”

However, each of the students is expected to exemplify true AHS spirit, and accurately represent the class of 2016.

“[We’re looking for] a student that’s willing to serve their class, and willing to represent all the interests of their class,” Harmony said. “Not just their immediate peer group.”

Since the elected class officers will be adjusting to their new responsibilities, they are not expected to have everything figured out right away.

“Freshman year is to establish protocol, how often you’re going to meet and to start setting goals for years to come,” Harmony said.