Heritage Night entertains


Omnia Said

The South Asian Student Association performed this dance at Heritage Night.

The Atoms Bhangra dance stole the show at the return of Heritage Night, mixing an array of popular dance moves with their cultural ones.

On April 3, Heritage Night returned after a one year hiatus from AHS.

Heritage Night was started in the early 2000’s as an attempt to display students’ culture and heritage in a fun and entertaining way. During the night, students perform dances songs or other traditional acts from their cultures.

In the past, Heritage Night has been the most attended event held at AHS, both by students and parents. The event on average brings the school $3,000 a year and attracts around 110 performers, 20 acts and 650 spectators.

This year things were no different. Sales skyrocketed after a last-minute decision to sell tickets after school .

“We made a last minute decision to sell tickets after school and it showed a huge rise in sales. Word really got around,” Business teacher Monica Bentley said.

This is Bentley’s first year as the supervisor for the event.

“I got a lot of help from prior supervisors to make the event what it was,” Bentley said.

While she did receive help, Bentley also has some ideas of how to make the event special.

“What I see for the future is getting the show more student run,” Bentley said. “From the director, to the tech crew, to the advertising, I want the students to have the final say.”

This year, performers, crew, faculty and students alike all enjoyed the show.

“It was amazing. It was a great chance to showcase my talent and all of the hard work was really rewarding,” junior Joseph Koroma said.

On Heritage Night, Koroma was better known by his stage name, Kid JC. Koroma performed with fellow rapper, junior Amir Davis, who goes by his stage name, Astro Davis.

“We all enjoyed seeing the kids here, there was a lot of unity and a lot of spirit, and that’s what we like to see,” administrator Joe Thompson said.

“I’m really excited, because I remember freshman year I went and was really impressed,” junior Aya Eltahir said. “So last year I was disappointed that they didn’t have it. But this year it was back and better than ever.”

While the night itself provides a chance for spectators to see into the cultures of their peers, for the people involved, it gives a different feeling of accomplishment.

“It was really refreshing to me as a teacher, it reminds me of why I’ve been at Annandale since 1994,” Bentley said. “Because the students are amazing. Annandale is a very special, unique place, very different from a lot of other different places.”

Heritage serves to represent a lot of the cultures at AHS. It serves to provide a chance for people to showcase their talents and be proud of their own culture.

“Heritage Night is Annandale,” Bentley said.