Deck the Halls 2015

This past Thursday afternoon, members of different clubs and classes got together to work on their designated hallways. The event lasted from 3pm to 7pm. Deck the Halls is a one day school event sponsored by Ms. Bartley and Leadership to kick off the holiday season. Clubs and classes are motivated to win the competition of the best decorated hallway.

Although the competition was extremely close, there can only be one winner. With the most artistic and jolly hallway, the winner of the Deck the Halls competition went to the Class of 2017. Runner-up went to the Class of 2016 and third place to the Arts Honor Society.

Members come together to work their hearts out to show school and winter spirit. When students arrived at school on Friday, December 11, they experienced a festive atmosphere. Each hallway follows a winter theme and incorporates Annandale. Clubs can promote themselves by decorating their hallway with their own unique designs. Deck the Hall provides a great opportunity for clubs and classes to strengthen their bonds and show off their creativity.