Matchmaker Fundraiser

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the Class of 2016 recently continued the tradition of holding the annual matchmaking fundraiser. W4 teachers were asked to hand out a questionnaire to all their students and to have the students return the questionnaires back to their teacher by the end of the period. However, if a student was uncomfortable with answering the survey questions they did not have to. The questions were based off of what the students look for in someone else. “After each student filled out a survey, we sent the questionnaires back to the company and we received results within two weeks,” senior class president Ashley Britton said. Considering the process of filling the survey out and getting the results is so simple, many students participated. “You fill out a short survey with your name and preferences, then we send in the answers and we get the results back,” Britton said. Once the results were sent back to the school, the seniors involved in this fundraiser had a table set up in the cafeteria with every students’ match and or matches. “The results were only two dollars and it included most compatible options along with most opposite and more,” Britton said. Although people were told who their potential match was, the matches didn’t necessarily end up together. “Each result sheet has several different matches labeled in order of most compatible. Personally I have never heard of anyone pairing up with their match in real life, but it probably has happened.”