Sadie Hawkins Dance

After months of planning, Leadership finally got to hold their dance on March 12, 2016. The verdict? A success! “We started decorating around 7:30 AM and did not finish until 1:15 PM including help from about 45 other students,” Leadership student Lennon Wuhrer said. Lots of rumors were going around talking about how the dance was probably going to get cancelled due to the lack of students attending, but this was nowhere near what actually happened.  “The dance turned out a lot better than what we expected! We sold way more tickets than we thought we were going to,” Wuhrer said. In fact, the majority of students who attended Sadies had said they had a really good time, “The dance was very fun, I liked the setup and the way the  decorations were done and the music they had playing,” sophomore Adrien Henao said. Leadership students also changed up the dance’s style and theme this year, considering they previously did Project A and Color Craze which were more of a rave style rather than formal. The “under the sea” theme selected for the dance seemed like a very challenging thing to accomplish, however Leadership made it possible with no problem. “The decorations went up a lot smoother than we thought they would, and all in all it was very fun,” Wuhrer added. From what’s been said, those who were not at the dance this Saturday most definitely missed out!