Students prepare for IB exams

For the whole year students have been preparing for IB tests that are coming this May with the first testing starting in May.

The tests are very vigorous and can take a while to finish due to all the information being tested. Any student taking an IB test will receive two whole days to study that will count for an excused absence.

“I plan to sleep in then meet up with friends to study all day,” IB Diploma Candidate David Park said.

Teachers have been putting together many review materials to refresh students’ minds. It may be hard for students to remember information that they learned a year ago. Another way teachers are reviewing are by giving weekly tests to make sure students are studying and understanding the information they are given. Some teachers may still be teaching and finishing units before starting their review. Jessica Klein, IB Math Studies teacher, has been going over tests from previous years and grading them. She feels both confident and unconfident in her students.

“If senioritis was not such a big thing, the students could do well, but they are checked out,” Klein said.

Most IB testing results get returned in July, so some seniors feel it is not as important and that they can slack off. Other seniors that are going for the IB Diploma have been studying and reviewing to do well on these tests so they will be able to receive the IB Diploma they have been working on for the past two years. Many juniors will also be taking an IB test if they are in a one year IB class such as IB Anthropology and IB Music.

“We are still finishing up learning about different cultures but over time I have been making a packet of my notes to review for my test,” junior Naod Getachew said about Anthropology.