Battle of the bands

A wide variety of music acts will be showcased at AHSBB 2016 Battle of the Bands, the performances will range from acapella choirs to rock bands and jazz combos. The competition will be held on Friday, May 13, anyone who signs up is able to perform in the show.

Signing up is easy, all one must do is shoot an email to [email protected]com and sign up.

On top of looking for acts to perform in the show, the AHSBB is also looking for someone to design a logo for the upcoming event.

Anyone interested in designing the logo must make it with any two colors and a black background. The logo must be put in .jpg format and sent to the BOTB e-mail stated early.

With students from all over the school preparing to perform, the excitement builds as the event nears closer.

“The Generational Jazz Combo are excited to be performing in an environment where the audience is made up of just friends and family,” sophomore Nicky Sheppard said. “Most shows we are surround by people we have never seen before. Playing at Battle of the Bands is very exciting for us because we will be able to showcase our talent to some of our best friends along with our families.”

Some students who have not been in musical groups before are bonding together and practicing harder than ever to make the night one to remember. On top of students being able to showcase talent to friends and family, prizes will be awarded to the top bands.

So come out to this BOTB event filled with music, melodies and magic and listen to groups of talented students from all over AHS.