Annual career day

Fares Ayoub, Staff Writer

The annual career and job fair will be on April 19 during Pride Time in the upstairs gym. Anyone is welcome to attend but must have a signed pass from their W4 teacher.  

Career specialist, Robin Roth organized the fair for students wanting to explore their different career interests.

“I’m hopeful that students will have knowledge about careers and companies. [Also], employment for part-time if that is what they desire” Roth said.

The annual fair is a great opportunity for students to expand their interests and options and has been organized by Roth for over 15 years.

“This is not the first year of the Career & Job Fair. I have had one every year since I’ve been working here and that is 17 years,” Roth said. “I think the job fair has been successful in the past years”

The fair will include a variety a different careers and job interests. Roth went to other job fairs to bring the interesting ones to this year’s fair.

“I attended other job fairs and issued invitation to those companies that I thought were interesting,” Roth said. “I also had list of participants from my previous job fairs.”

Many students are expected to come to this annual event.

“I expect we will have about 200 students participate at the Job Fair,” Roth said.