Music department to hold joint concert


Binqi Chen, Editor-in-Chief

The entire performing arts department will come together to perform at the “Trilogy Ensemble Concert” on May 4th. This joint concert will feature some of the most talented students of our renowned music department.

The top ensembles from band, chorus and orchestra will be performing at the concert. The musical groups that will be present include: Women’s Choir, Annandale Singers, Wind Ensemble and the Philharmonic Orchestra.

These students have been preparing tirelessly since the return from spring break. This event will be following a busy week for the music department. The band and orchestra classes have been performing in Orlando, Florida and two chorus students represented our school at All-State Choir at Virginia Tech. 

Along with the individual performances by each of the top groups, the ensembles will come together as one and carry out compositions under the name: “Triple the Melody.”

“I’m excited to be able to sing with the band and orchestra because it makes the music more interesting and exciting,” junior Michelle Akl said.

The music classes will be performing pieces by all-American composers as well.

“Hopefully this can be a tradition that will continue on for the years ahead,” Akl said.

The performing arts department has been acknowledged not only on the local level, but also on the state and national level. This is a great opportunity for the community to witness the many talents that our students have to offer.

“Everyone should come to the concert because there is just so much amazing music that will be offered,” Akl said.

Come out and give your support to our music department this Thursday night at 7:00 PM. You don’t want to miss it!