Leadership plans for Summerfest

Excitement arises for unique festival like event with music, food, and a dunk tank.


Students can access the voting for the dunk tank at: tinyurl.com/DunkTheStaff2017

Binqi Chen, Editor-in-Chief

Amidst the overwhelming testing season that has now come upon us, the Leadership class has planned an event aimed to get students to have fun and spend time together. This unique event is called Summerfest will take place on Friday, May 26th, following the early release for the long Memorial Day weekend.

Summerfest is organized in the same fashion as a local fair or a festival. There will be musical performances by students who have previously auditioned for a spot in the event as well as a variety of food and other activities.

“There will be inflatables and games, we are also going to have three to four food trucks,” senior Karen Lara said. Lara, an executive board member of the Leadership class, is also the head of the committee in charge of Summerfest.

As of now, the event has curated food from local restaurants such as Muncheez and Angry Burger. There will also be an ice cream truck present.

One of the most highly anticipated events is the dunk tank that will feature faculty members. Leadership sent its members to all the W4 classes to give students information about the chance to vote for the top three staff members that they would like to see dunked. All W4 teachers should have a list of instructions posted in their rooms. The voting is conducted through an online poll, which closes on May 12th.

“As students we thought it be more inviting to have the power to put teachers and administration in the tank rather than having just anyone,” said Lara.

On the day of Summerfest, students will have three chances to “Dunk the Staff” for $1.

“I voted to dunk Mr. Choi because a lot of the IB students have them and they suffer in his class,” said junior Benjamin Lee. “I am also pretty close with him so I think it would be really funny.”

Although the event officially starts at 1:00 PM following dismissal, there is no formal schedule for Summerfest. Students are welcomed to make their way to different activities at any time they wish to. However, there will also be a schedule for performances and also one for the teachers that have been chosen to participate in the dunk tank.

“We [Leadership] going to have a schedule posted for the performances,” said Lara. “In case you want to see when your friends perform.”

Not only is Summerfest a school wide event, the Leadership class hopes to extend the fun out to the entire community. The organizing team has reached out the local elementary and middle schools to encourage the younger students to participate.

Leadership will be selling tickets starting on May 17th for $10 each. There will also be “Atom Nation” t-shirts available for purchase. 

Another way that Summerfest is expanding beyond just our student body is through a promotion called “Bring two, get yours free.” This is in regards to the purchase of tickets. If a student brings friends or siblings that do not attend AHS, that student is able to get into the event for free just by showing their student identification card.

Typically at this time of the year, there is usually a spring dance such as Project A or Sadie Hawkins from previous years. However, with this brand new idea of a summer fair/festival, more members from the community can attend and celebrate the end of another school year.