Annandale Theatre Company to host Play in a Day


Binqi Chen, Co-Editor in Chief

Play in a Day, a Bi-Annual Event hosted by the Annandale Theatre Company, is gearing up for their fourth annual event. Every student, regardless if he or she is enrolled in theatre class or not, are able to participate in the event, either as audience members or as performers.

Play in a Day will be spread across an entire day and participants write, direct, produce and act in teams. Applications are required in order to take part in the event and should be turned into  ATC’s director and teacher, Katie Brunberg, at the Black Box. The applications are due no later than 3:30 PM on May 19th, while the actual event will take place Saturday May 20th from 8 AM to 10 PM.

In summary, the event is a day dedicated to interested students who will be creating a play within a group of other creative students. Teams are usually decided the day of the competition by Brunberg. All participants follow through on a strict and detailed schedule throughout that day. The schedule typically includes writing, rehearsing, tech call and etc.

“The event process is the same,” senior Jessica Smith said. “Little to nothing has been changed from last year.”

Although Smith will not be participating this year, she has played a crucial role of involvement both this year and in previous years.

All the teams will be given a common a theme the morning of the play that they will be required to revolve their play around. They will also be given the same variables and a line that needs to be present in their production. At the end of the day, awards and honors will given to the winning performers and their plays by selected judges.

For example, last year’s theme was betrayal. The props or variables that were given included a pair of binoculars, a lighting fixture, a van seat, a plastic flamingo and a giant banana with a mustache. The given line the teams had to use was “Alligator soup… it’s a crazy idea.”

During that production, Smith was paired with junior Sloan Limon, where they shared a story of friends at a haunted house. Hanna (Smith’s character) did wrongdoing to others, causing Jen (Limon’s character) to bring Hanna to a haunted house in order for Hanna to face those she had hurt in the past. This story was all over a broken mirror.

ATC will also be releasing information and pictures throughout the day, so be sure to catch the documentation of Play in a Day by following ATC on their Facebook and Twitter!