Class of 2021 adjusts to high school transition


New freshmen enjoy the pep rally at orientation.

Binqi Chen, Co-Editor in Chief

School can be extremely daunting. Starting the school year with in a new building with significantly larger student population and more challenging classes, it is only normal to feel overwhelmed.
In order to help the incoming freshman class of 2021 become adjusted to their new environment, the annual freshmen orientation was held on August 23.
This event would allow the students to acclimate to their new school before the upperclassmen arrive on the first day.
The freshmen began their day by arriving at AHS with their schedules by 8:30 a.m. on respective bus routes. Upon arrival, they were greeted by students of the Leadership class as well as members of the faculty.
Orientation would officially begin in the auditorium where the students were welcomed and received introductions from the counselors and members of the administrative staff.
The parents were instructed to go to the cafeteria for their own information session.
In the auditorium, the Leadership class also presented a video to the freshmen including tips and tricks for a year of success.
“The executive board talked a little about school spirit and Atom Pride,” senior McKenzie Yi said. “We were then stationed in groups around the school.”
After introductions in the auditorium, the freshmen were then instructed on beginning a mock day of school. The students navigated AHS with their schedules, going to all their classes.
The first portion of the simulation would allow students to find their red day classes, while the second portion was reserved for the white day schedule.
Even though each freshman was provided with a map of the building, the Leadership students were scattered around the halls to guide students if they were lost. Touring the school now prevented mass confusion on the actual first day of school.
“Now I know where all my classes are and it is less scary,” freshman Iris Tran said.
Not only does this allow incoming students to get a sense of how the bell schedule works, but they were also given a chance to meet their new teachers.
The students stayed in each of their classes for roughly 10 minutes. In this time, teachers introduced themselves and provided a preview to their course or how the class is set up.
“Every teacher has a different thing to teach you about AHS,” freshman Sarah Wheatly said. “So it is pretty easy to know the difference between middle and high school.”
After the conclusion of the white day bell schedule, the freshmen were then instructed to go to the gym. A pep rally was conducted to conclude the orientation with speeches from the leadership president, Rebecca Kindling, and Coach Derek Sweet.
The new class took a group picture together to commemorate the start of their four-year high school career.
The marching band also performed AHS’ fight song
“I am looking forward to all the pep rallies this year,” Tran said.