IB Exams will cost students

Aseal Saed, Co-Editor in Chief


The new FCPS policy states that the county will now pay for only six IB/AP exams. Any additional exam will have to be paid by students.
The official policy was created in hopes of covering the new deficit from the budget.

“I think students are frustrated because the policy is retroactive and had students been told last year I think they would have made a more informed decision,” IB Coordinator Linda Bradshaw. “I really think the policy should have started this year because that is not fair to the seniors.”
Most students take less than six IB exams, but IB diploma candidates often take seven IB exams, and the test count is cumulative over a student’s FCPS academic career.

The exams will save the county approximately $600,000. A fraction from the county’s $2.8 billion budget.
Students who choose to take one or more AP/IB tests beyond the six FCPS-funded tests will be charged a fee of $93 per AP test and $119 per IB test.
Senior Sammy Wondwossen is one of the frustrated IB Diploma Candidates who is taking seven IB exams because he took the IB Business exam last year.

“I already have to pay for senior dues and college application fees, so paying for an exam that is required for my diploma is just upsetting,” Wondwossen said.

Students who qualify for free and reduced-price meals must submit a consent form and will not be charged for any of their exams.
However, students who still face financial trouble and are not eligible for free or reduced lunch are encouraged to go to Bradshaw in her office.
“If you come to me, I will figure out a way to cover it whether we have a school-wide fundraiser,” Bradshaw said. “If you want to take it we will make it happen.”

Although the price might be a deterrant for seniors to take the exams, administrators are still encouraging students to take the exams.
“We are absolutely encouraging students to keep taking these exams because the experience of just sitting for the exam is worthwhile” Bradshaw said. “Plus you have the added bonus of possibly getting potential college credit.”