Green Atoms sell ornaments

Aseal Saed, Co-Editor in Chief

The Green Atoms are selling the 2017 White House Ornaments through the White House Historical Association for $22.00 each.

Each year, the White House has a new design. The ornaments this year are made in honor of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Elements of FDR, his accomplishments and his terms which are all incorporated into the ornament.

“I believe that the White House Ornaments are great gifts,” said Green Atoms President Janlynn Ngo. “They’re not ordinary ornaments that you buy at the store. These are sold only through the White House Historical Association and they have a different design each year, so they’re one-of-a-kind.”

Those who want an ornament can get a form from Green Atoms sponsor Anne Brosnan in the Learning Center.
“The ornaments are selling really well with the teachers and staff,” Ngo said. “I will personally buy a few because these ornaments are honoring FDR this year and they would be a neat addition to the house.”

After buying your ornament, the Green Atoms will deliver the ornaments to buyers in December.
THe Green Atoms hopes that the ornaments will sell well However, I will say that the parents of students may be more interested in buying these ornaments.

“I’m interested in buying these ornaments because they sem like they would be perfect for my family,” said senior Amy Han. “Also, I am going to give them away as gifts.”