The race to the booths

Ave Clyburn, Staff Writer

The bell rings for lunch and students run down the cafeteria with not food as their first thought-but where to sit. At lunch, there’s a race to be one of the few people that sit in a booth.

“I have to hurry because there’s only so many booths,” Sophomore Sadaf Khan said.

“ In order to sit there, I have to really quickly speed walk or run like the flash to get a booth,” sophomore Yawar Abbas said.

Students rush for booths because of the luxury. “It also feels like you have more privacy from other students you don’t know or like. Regular tables are more open and don’t give you as much comfort or privacy as booths” sophomore Jesus Sung said.

Along with luxury students enjoys the seats so much so they can be isolated from the rest of the cafeteria.

“I like to sit in the booths because it’s more private in a way. Sitting in a booth you’re with a limited amount of people and you can sit alone with the people you want but sit in a table anyone can sit there and there are more people around you” Khan said.

Same with isolation, sitting at a booth means no awkward can I sit here conversations.

“I like sitting at the booths because I sit with friends, it’s more comfortable than the regular seats and you don’t have to worry about sitting with random people you don’t know or talk to often,” senior Asher Campbell said.

Unfortunately for Jesus he’s rarely ever to get a booth. “I don’t usually sit at a booth because it’s so difficult to get a booth but I think it’s very comfy.” sophomore Jesus Sung said.

Sadly Kelsey can never get a booth either. “No I don’t usually sit at a booth, it’s too hard to get one.You have to run out of your class as soon as the bell rings” sophomore Kelsey Lazard said.

Luckily for senior Asher Campbell she doesn’t have to worry about rushing to the booths when the bell rings.“I sit at a booth everyday. It’s not difficult to get one for me because I have academy so I come to the first lunch before it ends and wait until the bell rings and I get a booth” Campbell said.

With so many students and not a lot of booths, should Annandale invest in new booths for more students to enjoy?

“I think Annandale should get more booths because of how many people want to sit in a booth,” Khan said.  “They’re better than the regular seats,” Campbell said.

However the biggest problem besides cost is space.“It’d be nice if Annandale could get more booths but there’s nowhere else to put them” Lazard said.

For some students running out of class is fine for them as long as they get a comfy booth but as long as everyone has a seat at lunch with a friend or two that’s all that really matters.