“I don’t care that you broke your elbow” Group Wins Best Play at Play in a Day


Viann Tran

"I don't care that you broke your elbow" group consisting of juniors Emily Trachsel, Jeremy Berry and Feven Lebamu work on producing their play.

Galilea Sejas, Arts Editor

Producing a play in five weeks is stressful enough with all of the blocking, technical set up and rehearsals that take place, but to combine the five weeks in one day is another challenge. 3 groups competed, The Skater Boys, Bubba Gump and “I don’t care that you broke your elbow,” in this all day competition on Saturday May 12th. Only one came out victorious: the “I don’t care that you broke your elbow,” with junior Emily Trachsel, Feven Lebamu and Jeremy Berry.

Throughout the day, these students combined their efforts and write the script of the play, block, memorize lines and set up lighting and sound cues.
The students participating needed to include random set pieces or props and connect it to the theme given to them by the theater teacher, Katie Brunberg.

“I dispersed the people who signed up, based on their interests, like writing, directing or acting. From there, I wanted to make it so that there is an even distribution of interests, as well as their experiences in play in a day and/or my theater class,” Ms.Brunberg said.
Some students who were new to theater, or the directing process it was proven to be a bit stressful, but was rewarding as it served as a creative outlet.
“I find it easier and restricting to have required props and set pieces, because it gives you a basis, but also it causes you to think outside of the box,” Lebamu said.

The given variables could range from a rubber chicken to a bird cage, which all can serve a different purpose, to demonstrate this year’s Play in a Day theme of obsession. With this main theme involved, the three different groups were allotted time and designated an area to write produce the play with the technicians available to cue their show with their desired lights and sound.

Since Play in a Day is a competition, the three different groups were not allowed to speak to each other, nor were they recommended to do so, because of the strict schedule. Each group, selected by Ms.Brunberg, allowed for people of like minds to collaborate and create one final product.
This year, The Annandale Theater Company created a mini vlog about each group’s quest with creating and directing their play, through short-and-sweet Instagram stories.

“It’s a fun experience, you get to collaborate with people you don’t even know, but by the end of the day you’re close friends and you have tons of inside jokes,” junior Ioana Marin said.

Play in a Day is open to all theater students or simply students who want to get a sense of what it would take to be a part of a theater production at AHS.

After the three, 10-15 minute long performances, the judges, which included Annandale High School Theater Alumni, William Rangel Cardozo, gave a series of awards for the groups.

“I would do this again next year because it’s really fun and exciting to watch the other groups perform,” said Lebamu. “The whole process is less stressful because people don’t expect it to be perfect.”

It granted those participating people a whole day to release some of the stress that they have been facing through IB and SOL testing.
It allowed people with a passion for theater to come together and create something magnificient.