Students encounter parking pass problems


Jude Nanaw

Most students who drive to school typically park their cars in Ossian Hall Park.

Eman Jaradat, Staff Writer

Although many students have jobs, not everyone has $200 lying around to spend on a parking pass. With more students driving to school every day, the problem of parking becomes more prevalent. Many students find that the parking pass application fee is too expensive and unreasonable.

The system created by AHS is designed to maximize safety and security for students, teachers, and their vehicles.

Students can purchase one parking pass for one vehicle, or purchase one parking pass for two vehicles, which promotes carpooling. A good amount of students wish the price would be reduced to a more affordable amount, such as $75 or $100.

Most students who drive have multiple responsibilities, such as a job or picking up a younger sibling. Student drivers feel like they have to pay for something that they are obligated to do.

“I think that the prices for the parking passes are ridiculous,” senior Hlina Wondwossen said. “There is absolutely no reason to charge high school students $200 to park in a spot which is minutes away from the school. It frustrates me that they want us to pay to come to school.”

Many students see the price tag for a parking pass as unfair in multiple respects. Senior Efrata Tecle has grown frustrated with the system.

“I think that it’s inconsiderate and students shouldn’t be forced to pay for a spot that the school doesn’t even own,” Tecle said.

For those who choose not to purchase a parking pass and park their cars anyways, they can face parking tickets starting at $25. After receiving three or more parking tickets, a vehicle may be towed from school property.  

Considering the fact that most students do not own the vehicles they drive, the policy also leaves the owner, or parents responsible for all costs of the parking tickets and towing fee.