Marching Atoms Senior Night


Galilea Sejas

Marching Band Players pose during the song "This is Me" from "The Greatest Showman."

Galilea Sejas

The stadium lights shined directly on the faces of the senior fall athletes for the last time. A “19-19” coincidence struck for it was Class of 2019’s senior night on Friday, October 19. This was the last home game and the last time the Atoms Marching Band would be performing on the football field this year. From the beginning moments of the game, the crowd was already pumped up due to the Varsity Football scoring one touchdown already, but got even more energized and excited from band’s halftime performance.

“The crowd was finally hyped up because its senior night and the last home game. It was really nice to put it all out there and be confident about it,” senior and color guard captain Kim Vaides said.

The Marching Band added new elements to their circus themed performance, including bouncing balls which the color guard used. In addition to the new whimsical props, they added new set pieces including a circus-tent resembling piece as a background to their performance.

“I feel like the new additions to the show adds a lot to the show. The crowd responded well to them tonight and with the new visuals it worked well for us” said Marching Band director Joseph Witkowski.

Not only did the new visuals help with crowd enthusiasm, the fact that the Varsity Atoms Football players battled intensely with the Mt. Vernon Majors, added onto the high energy felt by everyone who came to senior night.

“It was one of our best shows, because I felt like we all were in the game and we all were ‘in it to win it’” said senior and support staff Diana Villarroel.

Everyone on the field and in the stadium had a winning attitude and felt even more pride hearing the words “Touchdown by the Atoms” and the fight song consequently following it. The fight song along with other songs that the marching band performed in the stadium as the game progressed, such “All-Stars” by Smash Mouth, ramped up the life of the Atoms watching the last home football game and soon the last band performance.

“Marching Band improved overall and I feel like there is more of a connection between the theme and the players,” said senior Maria Cisneros-Gomez.

Though it was the seniors last time playing football, instruments or using their flags on the field, it still added to the positive sentiment felt by any of the Atoms students and parents watching the extraordinary game.

“It was ‘The Greatest Show’” said junior Cody Bugby.

Being a senior apart of any fall sport was perfectly showcased throughout the whole night: from the moment when the seniors walked across the field, until the last play was executed; it all reflected the pride that everyone has to be an Atom at AHS and the memories the Atoms make during their high school years.

Marching Band has taught me that my life doesn’t have to be about my GPA, test scores or anything academic,” said Villarroel, “I can be apart of something bigger and feel really good at the same time doing it.”