Students rave over FIFA 19


David Solomon, Staff Writer

FIFA 19 has returned and is one of the hottest games out to date.

This game is taking over because of its many new game features such as adding the most prestigious club competition in the world. From the champions league to the group stages, to the finals, players can set up their own own rules and visuals that can provide a very realistic and mesmerizing experience.

One of the new game modes is “House Rules” which is literally anything and everything FIFA fanatics could have asked for.

One segment of House Rules is “Survival Mode” meaning that when a team scores a goal, that team must then remove a random player from their team not including the keeper to give the other team an advantage. This process continues in this mode until a team is either down to one player or until the full 90 minutes of game time run out.

The new Long Range mode introduces the feature, if a team scores a goal from outside the opponent’s box, the goal would count as two instead of one. If the goal is scored from inside the box, the goal would just count as one.

The next mode is “First to…” which is usually played with a friend. Under this mode, players select a certain amount of goals that must be scored in order to win the game. For example, if the pair of players were to select three goals, the first to reach three goals would win it all.

One of the most exciting new features there is under the “Headers and Volley” mode. This mode is where players can only score via header or volley in order for the goal to count. Penalties and free kicks are the only exceptions to this rule.

A fan favorite that has been gaining in popularity is the “No Rules” mode which takes away yellow and red cards resulting in no fouls being called throughout the duration of the game.

In the updated Career Mode, Alex Hunter is back for his third and apparently last season. This year’s career mode revolves around his once rival turned best friend Danny Williams and his half-American sister, Kim Hunter.

FIFA 19 knocked Spider-Man of its pedestal as the best-ranked game in the United Kingdom.

The game also won some awards such as 11th most discussed the PS4 game of 2018 and the seventh most game shared PS4 game of 2018.

FIFA 19 could possibly be the best game that EA has released for the FIFA franchise. The new game features and the updated graphics are just the cherries on top.