Senior Superlative voting for the Class of 2019 underway


Class of 2018 Superlative winners in the “Future Picassos” and “Future Olympians” categories.

Jude Nanaw, Co-Editor in Chief

Every school year, The Antenna yearbook holds a vote for senior class superlatives. The superlatives include multiple categories in which a male and a female senior student are selected. Winners from each category have their picture taken and featured in the yearbook.

“Superlatives are really just a fun way to have students interact with and choose who goes in the yearbook by voting,” Co-Editor in Chief of The Antenna Ruth Seyoum said. “The seniors really enjoy voting and campaigning on places like social media to be selected for one of the categories.”

Voting this year will take place via a Google Form which was made available earlier this week on The Antenna twitter page.

The categories available in the superlatives this year are: Best Hair, Class Clown, Most Athletic, Most School Spirited, Most Likely to Succeed, Best Glow-Up and Worst Case of Senioritis. Both a boy and a girl senior student will be selected for each category.

Seniors have already taken to social media to campaign and convince fellow students to vote for them in a superlative category.

“I really have been working hard on my hair recently with one year of experimenting and now I’m in the growing phase and trying to have the best locks that I can,” senior Cort Hollis said. “Senior superlatives were always on my mind but when they came around this year, I thought that I needed to win Best Hair because my golden locks need recognition.”

A number of other seniors are looking to come away with categories such as “Most Talented” or “Most Likely to Succeed.”

“I’m going for most talented because of my trumpet skills,” senior Samuel Berhe said.

Voting through the Google Form will be open throughout next week and winners will be announced by the end of the week. Students can vote for senior superlatives here.

“In general, superlatives are a great way to acknowledge the great characteristics of students at school because they get to be recognized for what they are known for,” Hollis said.