McDonald’s Is Bringing Its Global Hits To The United States

Fatima Mohamed, Staff Writer

The chain will start selling the Stroopwafel McFlurry, the Tomato Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich, the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger and Cheesy Bacon Fries in nationwide McDonalds starting June 5.

Its a limited time offer. The company announced it on Wednesday. McDonalds four new items that will be added to the menu will add a spark and a twist to on its core food.

Restaurants tend to use limited time offers to create a buzz around their products and attract more customers. The new items are from Spain, Canada and Australia.

McDonalds been trying to streamline its menu to increase speed and efficiency. The international items don’t require many new ingredients. The new items are suppose to boost the sales in a short time period.  

McDonald’s serves different menu items in its various location around the world based on local demand.

McDonalds started selling a vegan burger in Germany. It was called “Big Vegan TS”.  It also sold MCVegan in Sweden and Finland.

McDonalds hasn’t decided if they are going to bring these items to the United States.

CEO Steve Easterbrook said the company has to weigh whether it worth adding plant-based menu options worth it.