Student sued because he didn’t want to the chickenpox vaccine, then got the chickenpox

Fatima Mohamed, Staff Writer

Two months after the student went to court over the chickenpox policy, the vaccine teen came down with the illness.The Student’s name was Jerome Kunkel.

The teen sued the local health department, because of a policy against student who aren’t immune to the chickenpox. The high school student refused the vaccine, citing his faith. He rejected the vaccine, because he believes it was derived from “aborted fetuses”.

The chickenpox vaccine was created using cells descended from those of a fetus terminated in the early 1990s.

Jerome recovered from the illness he came down on. He also returned to school after he recovered.

The senior teen has been out of school since mid-March. Jerome feels like they kind of ruined his senior year.

The North Kentucky Health Department announced a policy after the chickenpox affected 32 people and a percentage was from students. Students who were not immune or vaccinated were told to stay home for 21 days after the virus went out.

Kunkel filled a lawsuit, because he said it affected his basketball season.

The student says, “ The fact that I can’t finish my senior season, is devastating. You can go four years playing, but senior year is what everyone looks up to.”

The chickenpox is a highly contagious diseases. It spread rapidly and through contact. Jerome Kunkel says doesn’t regret his decision, he regrets the decision the health department choice to make.