Club fair presents new opportunities

Club fair presents new opportunities

Grace Rai, Staff Writer

Students went to the club fair today during W4 and Pridetime to look for clubs of interest. 

The representatives at the booths explained their clubs and gave out fliers. In addition, representatives did their best to pitch their club or organization by attracting passerby’s.

“Since school spirit is a big part of a high school experience it’s important that people join leadership to continue tradition,” Leadership Senior Dani Villaroel said.

Many booths had creative and eye catching presentations. 

Some booths offered handouts such as stickers and pens. The Orchestra members even played some live music. 

However, FCA attracted many viewers because of the free food being offered.

Besides handouts, representatives attracted interest by accurately and eloquently describing what their club is all about.

“Key club is about community service and helping others, and we want to encourage others to join us,” Key Club President Megan Le said.

Lastly, the club fair is all about acquainting students with the possible extracurricular they could involve themselves in during their time at AHS. 

“I was scared about high school but after going to the club fair I became excited to join so many activities and make new friends,” freshman Kayla Pham said.

Not every club is for everyone but it is very possible that the club fair can introduce you to an interest that lasts all of high school.