Governors School Info Night to be held tomorrow

Governors School Info Night to be held tomorrow

Vivian Phan, Staff Writer

On October 30th, there will be an interest meeting for attending a governor’s school program this summer. This opportunity is open to 10th and 11th graders who are academically or artistically inclined.The meeting will be held in the school’s lecture hall at 3pm. 

“I think it’ll provide some valuable information for people who are interested in becoming future leaders,” sophomore Brian Mercado said. 

“I think the governor’s school [programs] provide good information to be successful in school and it can really help people with their academic endeavors in the future.”

The main focus of the meeting is to discuss what a governor’s school is and what its summer program entails. It will also touch upon the application process of the program which is pretty selective. Additionally, they will give out the specific dates and locations of the program. 

Governor’s schools are magnet schools, which are schools that specialize in certain subjects and cater to students talented in that area. Beyond just being active during the school year, governor’s schools offer summer programs to students who may not regularly attend these magnet schools.

“If you attend governor’s school for academics, you are attending one of the sessions that you’re passionate about and then your able to increase your knowledge in that area like math, science, technology or medical or humanities and that just gives you even more knowledge and more experience in that area,” School Counselor Lisa Foliaco said. 

“The more you know about a subject the better prepared you are to make choices of ‘Am I gonna study this in college? Is this something I can do for a career?’ you also meet people from all over the state and that helps you make connections. It also looks really good on your activities record when you’re applying to colleges.” 

The program enriches and focuses on students’ skills in select areas. Those areas include but are not limited to STEM, marine science, and the performing arts. The program takes place during the summer and lasts up to a month depending on the subject area. It is hosted at several Virginia based universities also dependent on the subject area.