Elective Fair moved back


Daniel Vo

Senior Brian Grijalva works on a head light restoration. This will be one of the classes offered in the elective fair.


For Annandale High School students, Wednesday was supposed to be the Elective Fair, a program designed to help students decide what elective classes they want for next year, but was postponed to Tuesday of next week due to the snow on Wednesday.

For many students, it is an exciting time to see what they are good at, and to choose what they want to do in class for a change. 

Others, however, have no idea what they want.

Freshman Meayad Ibrahaim said that  he doesn’t know what to choose. 

“It’s really hard to pick between all those classes, because they are all so great,” Ibrahim said. 

Teachers, on the other hand, are doing their best to make the potential students feel like their class is the one for them.  

“Orchestra is a family. You’ll be surrounded by extraordinary people who will support you at every step,” Orchestra teacher Larisa Marian said. “Orchestra will prepare you for success in life, leadership, and your professional choice.” 

The teachers will be competing over students tomorrow, with some deploying interesting tactics. 

“I’ll make it interesting by having an activity they’ll have to do, to get the feel of being an artist instead of talking to them,” Art teacher Jacqueline Pappas said. 

Perhaps the snow will give a little more time to people to prepare and decide what they want to be in for Tuesday.