Creative Writing documents their work


Every year, the Creative Writing class invites their students to participate in a judged Poetry Slam in class. 

The Poetry Slam gives students the opportunity to express themselves freely and creatively through the art of spoken word poetry. 

The Slam is important to lots of students, but Creative Writing teacher Soo Jin Lee aims to expand its outreach and impact on communities outside the school.

On Feb. 18, Lee invited her sister, an experienced documentarian, to her creative writing class to create a documentary centered around promoting the classes yearly Poetry Slam event.

“My sister has always heard that I talk about my Creative Writing class and she wanted to come document the experience,” Lee said. “She knows how powerful spoken word poetry is.”

Not only is the documentation experience beneficial for Lee’s sister and the Poetry Slam’s outreach in general, but Lee has other goals in mind as well.

“Our whole point is so we can apply for grants and get funding so we can travel, compete and do more [with the Poetry Slam]” Lee said. 

Nonetheless, Lee agrees that documentation is a great way to showcase the talents of students and the importance of the Poetry Slam. 

“Documentation shows how great the program is and how it moves others,” Lee said.

Creative Writing students agree with Lee, many of which are supportive of the documentary as a means of publicity.

“I think it would be a good opportunity to showcase my writing and I’m excited for others to see it,” senior Vera Miller said.