AHS to hold Spring Rave

On Mar. 13, AHS leadership will be hosting a spring rave, an informal dance party, in the gym. The dance will be from (time). Ticket sales have started and will be sold for $5 each. There is also an option to get a ticket with a t-shirt (specially designed for the rave) for $10. Students can purchase tickets on MySchoolBucks. 

Freshman Adrainne Anez said “I would be interested in going to the dance because I feel like it’s going to be better because we don’t have to wear anything fancy. You don’t have to go out and buy a dress.”  

Leadership had the idea to have a rave “because it’s something that has never been done before [at AHS].” Senior Leadership member Gabriella Arcon said, “Raves are very popular in the world.” Their final decision was made after holding a Twitter poll that asked students if they would like a spring dance or rave, the result ended up being 26% – 74%, respectively. 

As raves usually have a bright theme, the theme of this dance will be neon. Leadership is hoping they’ll be able to use neon lights in the gym and also want to use neon spray paint, a smoke machine, black lights, and glow sticks. 

As this dance is more informal compared to the past dances, the attire will be more casual. Students should dress in white, as the lighting will be black/neon lights, to fit the theme. Flattering accessories could be glow sticks as bracelets or necklaces, bright nail polishes, and headbands. 

As for the music at the rave, Arcon said “The music will be inspired by the student’s tastes”. Leadership has posted a Google form on their Twitter asking for students to send in songs that they want played at the dance. In past dances, the music was played by a DJ, who usually played top hits. With this method of song selection, students will be able to choose songs they like that may not be as popular. 

Like other dances, there will be a spirit week leading up to the day of the dance to rally students. 

Mar. 9 


Mar. 10 (Tuesday) Mar. 11


Mar 12.


Mar 13.


Mini Me

(dress how you used to when you were younger) 


(Wear colors of a country’s flag)

Swinter Tie-dye White out

Certain students are skeptical if the rave will actually happen since winter formal was cancelled, but Sophomore Leadership member Bilan Osman is staying hopeful. “I think we will have a pretty good turnout for the dance since it’s the last dance for the school year and it isn’t formal” Osman said.