How do students feel about the lack of snow days this year?

As the years go on, the number of snow days each school year has seemed to have decreased. The total number of school cancellation days that students in Fairfax County have had this year so far was only one in addition to an early release due to snowfall that started in the afternoon.

With Spring around the corner and the weather heating up, there is also a highly unlikely chance of another snow day hitting Fairfax County anytime soon.

During each school year, the county gives students a limit of 19 snow days before having to make up a day of school. After the 19th missed school day, students would have to attend school on Apr. 5 as a make-up day.

The decrease in snow days can be seen as a positive thing in the eyes of some and as a negative thing in the eyes of others.

Schools see less snow days as a chance for more learning time for students, while students and some teachers see it as missed chances of having a free day off. “I was disappointed {of the little amount of snow] because Winter is my favorite season,” sophomore Alondra Rivas said. “I like that we have school cancellations, it’s more of a break.

The decrease in snow days also limits the chances that students get to relax and do their favorite snow day activity, like sledding and having snowball fights. “My favorite snow day activity is playing video games, like Call Of Duty,” sophomore Danny Tran said.

With how this year’s average snowfall was, many students have a feeling that next year won’t be any different. “I think that the weather is going to continue to be the same because of all the climate change,” Rivas said.

There are even some students that think next year could even bring less snow. “I think the snow is going to keep going down every year,” sophomore Niral Ahmed said.