A Little Taste of Annandale

Katie Pope, Photography Editor

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  • Senior Gabby White represents the AHS Culinary Arts Department and spreads joy by helping a little girl frost a cupcake. “My experience was that I had a lot of fun getting to help out the culinary department. I got to meet a lot of nice people and just overall had a great time. It was my first time going since I have lived here [I moved ten years ago]. I thought it was a great way to spend my Saturday helping out and spending time with all of my friends,” White said.

  • Sophomore Deby Cruz hands out nail filers to promote breast cancer awareness. “People don’t really see what Annandale is really made of so this event was a good way to see how our diverse community can come together and have fun,” Cruz said.

  • Sophomore Jacob Lee grabs some snacks with his parents as they sample and enjoy the variety of foods the booths have to offer.

  • Rocking the rope, this man from Monarca in Flight Aerial Arts Studio, dangles by metal chains as he performs a dance using only his body as the chains are wrapped tightly around his legs.

  • Rocking the rope, this man from Monarca in Flight Aerial Arts Studio, dangles by metal chains as he performs a dance using only his body as the chains are wrapped tightly around his legs.

  • An employee from a Halal food truck hands out delicious samples of chicken on a tooth pick so that potential customers can simply grab them and go.

  • The audience gets tied up in the performance as the woman puts on a show using her aerial silk, balancing upside down with her toes pointed outward.

  • Sophomore Misty Knight raises the bar high at the event by testing her balance and strength with the fitness company doing numerous exercises and obstacles.

  • Ester Ruiz and other students from AHS dress up as animals from the children’s television show, PAW Patrol. “I loved it, I couldn’t really hear or see so I had someone guide me. Hearing the excitement in the kids voices and feeling their hugs was the best part,” Ruiz.

  • Margaret Kindling, a member of the PTSA; hands out fresh farmer-grown fruits and vegetables in order to raise money for the school.

  • Sophomores Christine Tieu and Aiya Ismael have a blast talking, laughing, and helping out with the booths. “Taste of Annandale was really a lot of fun. I liked how it was really easy to talk to people there,” Tieu said. “Also, I enjoyed getting free things like balloons from the bank and delicious foods from all over.”

  • A member of the AHS Athletic Boosters spends her Saturday volunteering at a booth to raise money for our sports programs. She carefully arranges the table to make it visually pleasing so people will be drawn to the booth.

  • Forgetting all her worries, a little girl joyfully dances around in circles in the middle of the parking lot for all to see and smile at.

  • A woman closes her eyes as she sings soulfully to the on stage while grooving a little bit and with a little snap of her fingers.

  • Two South Pacific dancers from the Hawai'i State Society of Washington D.C. Ukulele Hui, perform a lovely, relaxing routine for the audience with a ukulele softly strumming in the background.

  • Taking a bite out of the event, this boy munches on some sweet cotton candy, one of the many sugary treats they had to offer at the event.

  • Members from Ravensworth Baptist Church invite parents and children over to their booth where there are bracelets, stamps, candy, and bookmarks. They talk to the parents about what Ravensworth is all about and notify them about the Trunk 'n Treat this upcoming Saturday 10:30-2:30 at the church.

  • Dogs of all kinds were very much welcomed at this event for people of all ages to enjoy and love.

  • This man evaluates two kinds of chili made by the police officers and firefighters trying to decide whose is better.

  • Taste of Annandale was a great time to let loose and enjoy yourself. This man does just that by dancing freely, others eventually join him.

  • While licking a lollipop, a lady lives a lovely life with lots of laughing

  • AHs JV lacrosse coach, Katie Burton, shops for a cute dress from a small business called LulaRoe.

  • A police officer sets out samples of their chili, hoping to win over the votes of the people in the chili cook-off against the firefighters.

  • The day comes to a close with a Han Couture Fashion Show featuring beautiful women floating and showing off gorgeous silk dresses and garments.

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