The best spots for Prom pictures


The steps from the Belvedere at National Harbor (11 miles, 24 min away) is a popular spot for unique Prom pictures. “Some people were a little disappointed about the location being so close but I don’t think anybody minded once we got there and saw how nicely it had been decorated,” alum class of 2018 Megan Lee said. “It helped that our parents were like our personal photo crew, telling us to move over and fix our dresses and all that.”

Tips to take pics:

#1: focus on the foreground and make the background/objects contrast
#2: find a spot with even shade and natural, soft lighting. the sun is great, but avoid the shadows
#3: come up with unique, timeless poses and capture candids
#4: stand back and use your zoom features rather than stand up close to prevent face deformation
#5: use one camera at a time so everyone looks the same direction
#6: take multiple shots to ensure some pictures with blinking or last minute oddities
#7: make use of your surroundings for more interesting background e.g. stairs, fireplaces, water
#8: take pictures from slightly above the subject(s) for the best angles and results
#9: vary between portrait and landscape frames for vastly different aspects of the same picture
#10: for group pictures, organize the subjects and have someone direct placements and details