Students hyped for return of Fantasy Football


Fantasy Football allows for rotating players and changing line-ups from week to week.

Jude Nanaw, Sports X-tra Editor

With another NFL season underway, the return of fantasy football is here as well. Again this year are multiple options including high stakes and money rewarding sites such as Fanduel and DraftKings.

Also back is the better known NFL and ESPN Fantasy Football in which those partaking can create leagues and compete against friends.

“The best thing about fantasy football to me is that you get to draft your own team that’s special to you,” senior Joseph McCoy said.

Many students have joined and created leagues with fellow classmates and adjust line-ups from week to week in order to have the best chance to garner the most fantasy points and win.

“My favorite part of fantasy football is competing against my friends and trying to beat them by having a better team,” junior Patrick Brown said.

Despite drafting and selecting players in the beginning of a fantasy football season, injuries, suspensions or underperformance of a player can result in having to reshuffle and adjust player lineups for a weeks games.

“My biggest bust was David Johnson because I thought he would get me a lot of fantasy points but he ended up getting injured,” McCoy said.

Along with underperforming players, fantasy teams typically have one or two most valuable players that consistently rack up the most fantasy points throughout each week of the season.

“One of my most valuable players is probably Todd Gurley from the Rams since he always gets me a lot of points” Brown said.

In order to be successful in fantasy football, it is critical to follow the sport and examine which players to start, sit or add to your team in order to increase chances of winning. Also keep an eye out for “sleeper players”, players that can have productive fantasy weeks but are not too well known or recognized.

“Kareem Hunt is one of my sleeper players because he’s one of the best running backs but not that many people know him,” McCoy said,

Be sure to take a look at this upcoming weeks sleeper picks. Underrated players that could have a productive week fantasy wise.