Athlete spotlight: Nicholas Pemberton

Over the course of the last four years, senior Nicholas Pemberton has displayed his athletic passion through his participation in many different sports. This devotion has been seen through his commitment to Annandale track and baseball, as well as his success in many fishing tournaments across the country.

Nicholas Pemberton poses with his catches at a recent tournament

Q: When did you find an interest to start playing baseball and join a team?


A: “I found an interest in baseball toward the spring of my sophomore year after being recruited by a coach.”


Q: Generally, what’s your favorite part about playing on a team for Annandale?

A: “I just love to play baseball.  Even though I’m still learning more about the sport it’s still fun to participate in.”


Q: How did the Pandemic impact your team’s chances in terms of having a fun and successful season?

A: “It hasn’t really affected much.  It’s just tougher to have practices through COVID and our season in the Spring became a lot shorter.”


Q: Do you have a favorite memory from playing baseball at Annandale?

A: “My favorite memory would be the first game I played on the team as a Sophomore.”


Q: Has baseball further developed your skills as an athlete considering the other sports you participate in?

A: “Yes, It has upped my levels of competition and it really has gotten me better at my throwing abilities.”


Q: Do you think baseball has helped you become a better student at Annandale?

A: “I think the sport really helped me improve my life as a student giving me another activity to do outside of my classes”


Q: Do you have any plans for baseball in the future?

A: “Honestly I’m not sure what my future is in the sport since I don’t plan on playing in college.  Though, I’m still trying to continue to play when I can.”


Q: How did you first get into fishing?

A: “My dad would take me when I was little and I would always like doing it. I really got into it though once I started competing in fishing tournaments.”


Q: What about it do you enjoy?

A: “I really enjoy the competition of the tournaments. Specifically, it is great to be able to learn and adjust to be able to catch enough to be able to do well in every tournament. It has also been nice to travel all over the place to attend many different events.”


Q: What tournaments have you competed in?

A: “On average, I compete in about 20 tournaments each year. I fish in the B.A.S.S. Nation of Virginia Highschool tournaments and several club tournaments. I have been to Georgia, Texas, and New York. But, for the most part, my tournaments take place on the eastern coast between North Carolina and Northern Maryland.”