Students gear up for the start of the Fantasy Basketball Season

Beginning of fantasy sports season sees spike in participation from students

Jude Nanaw, Sports X-Tra Editor

As a new NBA basketball season rolls around, so does a new season for Fantasy Basketball.
Throughout the years of the start of Fantasy Basketball, it has garnered more and more attention and participation from many, including a large amount of AHS students.

Many students have created leagues on ESPN Fantasy where they have fellow friends and classmates join and create teams via a draft, where each member of the league selects NBA players that they want to be part of their fantasy team.

Each week, one league member’s team is pinned against another team in the league and the winner is determined by which team accumulates the most fantasy points, which is dependent on the stats of the NBA players.
For some students, competition is the key factor in their participation.

“My favorite part of fantasy basketball is beating the person that I am matched up against,” junior Javonte Durr-Cannon said. “I always try to start players that I think would get me the most points and give me the best chance to win.”
Fantasy Basketball teams will typically have one or two stand out performers that consistently accumulate the highest amount of fantasy points.

“My most valuable player is most likely LeBron James,” sophomore Syed Ali said. “He’s probably my best player because he gets all sorts of stats which add up to a lot of fantasy points.”

With the increasing popularity of Fantasy Basketball among students, some have even come to prefer the basketball version of fantasy over football and other sports.

“I am starting to like and prefer fantasy basketball over other types of fantasy sports leagues like football,” Durr-Cannon said. “Fantasy basketball give you more positions to fill with more options for players.”

The popularity of Fantasy Basketball amongst students may continue to increase as it steadily begins to gain preference over fantasy leagues for different sports.