Students hyped for Winter Olympics

Beginning of event draws attention from students all around school

Jude Nanaw, Sports X-tra Editor

The Winter Olympics kicked off just recently on Feb. 9, this time from Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The start of the Winter Olympics garnered the attention of many students around school.
A number of AHS students invest a lot of time in keeping up with and watching events daily.

“One of my favorite things about the Olympics is chanting on the US team in all of the events as they compete against multiple countries,” junior Javonte Durr-Cannon said.

There’s a broad range of sports that students prefer to watch at the 2018 games ranging from bobsleigh to ice hockey to cross-country skiing.

“My favorite events would have to be either the snowboarding or cross-country skiing,” senior Nghia Nguyen said. “I prefer those of events over any others because I feel like they require more preparation and work.”

With the Winter and Summer Olympics always being two years apart, there’s a great deal of variance between the two.

Differences in types of events and playing environment typically results in viewes preferring one over the other.

“I like to watch both [Winter and Summer Olympics] but prefer the Winter Olympics more,” Durr-Cannon said. “The athletes competing work hard in colder temperatures which makes the winter games better than the summer ones to me.”

Some students noted that the amount of events and sports being less in the Winter Olympics than the Summer Olympics enhance and make the viewing experience better.

In past years there have been as many as 42 summer sports in the game compared to only 15 total sports in the winter games this year.

“It is easier to keep up during the winter because there are less events,” Nguyen said.

This year, the official Olympics app also allows for an easier time keeping up with events and the medal counts by allowing the user to select the country they want to view information on.

Upon doing so, it becomes easier to view upcoming events for the selected country and their medal count.
Having begun on Feb. 9, the winter games will last a little over two weeks until Feb. 25.