The Hype Behind Super Bowl Commercials

Pablo Gamarra, Staff Writer

Football fans, especially Eagles and Patriots fans watched Super Bowl LII. Many watchers are eager to see the commercials shown on break like Pepsi, Amazon, and M&M’s. Commercials were shown only on NBC and live streamed on sport websites. Some viewers say that the ads and commercials were bad and depressing because it’s not like like the “Kay Jewelers win Valentine’s day ad featuring Dude Perfect.” Every super bowl year, sponsored commercials and ads were shown during breaks including the halftime show, and some of them are longer or shorter if it is timed. Today, some ads were still shown on sport network channels such as ESPN and NFL Network.

Viewers see celebrities on some of the super bowl commercials who do funny stunts and other things that make the viewers laugh. The M&M’s commercial featuring Danny Devito is a huge hit in the comedy world. Viewers know that celebrities are in most super bowl commercials because the celebrities get paid by the sponsors who are looking for people who will promote their product. Some famous celebrities didn’t want to be in any super bowl ads because they think that being in one is too expensive. Viewers can watch commercials anytime on YouTube or any other social media outlet such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Super bowl commercials and ads only show for 2-3 weeks and every year before or after the Super Bowl weekend.

The Super Bowl is already a U.S. favorite, and for most the comedic commercials are just a bonus.They can watch the Super Bowl game anywhere at home and even on their phones on the NFL network app. They also can see the commercials at the stadium and on the NFL network app as well. It is important because fans who have seen many super bowl commercials can rate if they are good or bad. A lot of companies get ratings on their commercials from fans which can help them for creating more ads for the next Super Bowl.