Volleyball prepares for its last games

The volleyball team has had a poor performance over their last three games, hosting a record of zero wins and three losses. Trying to improve  for next game against West Springfield the girls have centered their attention on more offensive attack.

“We need to improve on our offense and getting the ball up to the setters so they can set the ball,” junior Kasey Ricchit said.

Having these problems in place the girls are trying to improve by doing different drills and techniques to score more points a game.

“Coach Ken will help us improve our hitting and help us hit balls in that are going to hit the out line,” Ricchit said.

Trying to beat West Springfield which holds a record of eight wins and three losses, will be a hard task, but the girls are determined to get this win they need to spark up their confidence for the remainder of the game.

“So i’d say we are really trying to work on communication and working together  as a team,” senior Hannah Shartel said.

The girls have been outscored 21 to 11 and having been shut out three sets to zero in six out of their eleven games, which is over half of their games at 54 percent. The girls are hoping to improve these numbers with a little fixing in their offensive performance and try to get those numbers up by the beginning of the playoffs.

“It is important to be consistent together to win tomorrow and to work on individual goals going into the playoffs soon. We also, as a team, need to stay positive and supportive of one another on and off the court at all times.”  Shartel said.

Trying to go into the first round of playoffs with a good attitude about the way the girls perform, they have certain skills that the girls are going to put forward during the payoffs.

While the whole team is a big factor in beating West Springfield tonight, there is one player that has stood out with her performance, junior Katie Garrish and her height advantage will be a big factor in tonight’s game.

“By blocking most of the hits that come our way, because of her height. Since she is taller than us her hitting is a lot harder than most of the team, also her goes straight down because of how far past the net she can raise her arm, and with her height she can see blind spots on the court that the rest of our team cannot see, she will always know where to hit,” junior Ashley Nguyen said.

Having their strengths during the game tomorrow, there is still a weakness they hope can be over come against the Spartans.

“We are all trying to improve our skills whether it hit setting or working on spikes. but we have come a long way from where we were at the beginning of the season, now communicating with each other,” senior Symone Jenkins said.

Playing their best is a big deal for the girls, having no one injured going into these last last few games, the girls will find any way they can to get these last wins.

“These last few games are crucial because they determine who play for districts,” Shartel said. We need to focus on playing our game as best as we can because schools like South County, are really strong. But we cannot give up now because it is grind time and we need to go into districts with a good spot.