Athletes stay in shape for spring

As winter sports come to a close, spring athletes prepare for the upcoming season.

During the transition from winter to spring sports, athletes try to stay in shape for their next sport. As three-peat athlete senior Katie Pacak’s final basketball season comes to an end, she continues to stay in shape for lacrosse.

“I’m still in season for basketball so the running we do there I’m hoping will help with [my] conditioning for lacrosse,” Pacak said. “I’ve also been playing wall ball and plan on trying to go to a few green days.”

Fellow three-peat senior Nana Forson similarly prepares for spring track in a similar fashion.

“Staying healthy [and] in shape as well as healing up from current injuries is my main focus,” Forson said.

Tennis player, junior, Julia Sheehy, takes private lessons every week and plays whenever she can to get ready for the season.

Junior Liam Conroy also does what he can to stay in shape and get his muscle up for baseball. “I am lifting and running every day and practicing my baseball skills every day as well,” Conroy said.

With the large incoming class of 2019, many student-athletes are preparing for their first spring season and await immense competition, like freshman Cam Foti who plans on trying out for lacrosse.

“To prepare for tryouts, I am practicing  my shooting, passing, and dodging,” Foti said.

More experienced players, like senior soccer player Casey Goettlicher still do not expect anything less than players who are trying to make the team.

“There’s always a lot of competition at tryouts but I try not to think about that, I just try to play my own game as best as I can. I want this season to be fun and I also expect our team to go into every game and give their 100 percent,” Goettlicher said.

Competition at tryouts is a concern for many.

“I think there will will probably be a lot of competition because a lot of guys really want to be on the team,” Foti said.

“The nice thing about tennis is that there are two levels. If you are not able to make the varsity team, you are able to play on the lower team and still be able to learn,” Sheehy said. “But it is competitive for those competing for spots on the higher team.”

Junior Jesse Agyapong has been running track and playing as much as he can to get ready for the upcoming soccer tryouts.

“There will be a lot of competition [at tryouts] because no one has a guaranteed spot on the team and there are a lot of good players trying out. My expectations are to develop much more as a player and for the team to win more games than we did last year,” Agyapong said.

For athletes like senior Ananda Poudel who only play one sport, the pressure to make the team is at an all time high.

“I’m getting myself mentally prepared by watching live soccer games,” Poudel said.

While physical preparation is essential prior to tryouts, mental attitude is just as important. Many athletes expect a high amount of competition, regardless of the sport.

“There will be a lot of competition because no one has a guaranteed spot on the team and there are a lot of good players trying out,” Agyapong said.

High hopes for the spring season is a clear factor among student-athletes. “I expect everyone to want to work hard and compete in every practice and every game,” Pacak said.

“There’s always things that each player can do to get better individually and as a team. I want this season to be fun and I also expect our team to go into every game and give it their all” Goettlicher said. “This is my last year to show how good I am at my sport so getting conditioned is a really big deal, since it will be my last season ever.”

Athletes are trying to make their last few workout schedules until the season swings into full gear, as the season breaks out these athletes will try to excel the expectations and try to make varsity for their sport.