Boys lacrosse continues to be on losing end

Coach Mathis calls a timeout and explains to his players on what they did wrong

Serene Ghul

Coach Mathis calls a timeout and explains to his players on what they did wrong

The Atom’s Boys Varsity Lacrosse team took on the Edison Eagles this past Tuesday. The Atoms took a defeat with a final score of 11-5.

Although the Atoms did not win, they feel as if this loss just motivated them to work even harder for the remainder of the season.

“Working on the basic fundamentals of lacrosse is one thing that we can improve on as a team,” assistant varsity coach Michael Mathis said.

The Atoms were also at a disadvantage as a few players were injured. The Atoms remain positive as the Boys Lacrosse team has been saying since the start of the season that they are hoping for success this spring.

With it only being the beginning of the season, the Boys Varsity Lacrosse team has time to get better and learn more skills and technique to prosper throughout the rest of the season.

“We are going to develop and work on ground balls, catching, passing and throwing so we can improve,” Mathis said.

Although the Atoms did not obtain the ultimate victory, there were multiple victories within the game. According to his teammate, junior and face off/midfielder Gaston Sanchez, senior, Beau Hatch had an “extraordinary goal from a rebound.

“We as a team need to improve on communication. If we communicate to our teammates more, we would be much more organized.”

Even though the athletes felt that they were lacking communication on the field, they had strength in other areas of the field by playing strong in the offensive and defensive positions overall.

“Our offense worked better at moving the ball around and scoring on defense. We also stopped a lot of their fast breaks,” junior, Sebastian Saldana said. “Taking more on the defense is something that we really need to work on.”

Throughout the game, the Atoms were able to come back and get many points on the board. The first goal scored by senior, Franklin Joseph got the Atoms motivated to push through and continue to play hard. Shortly afterwards, senior Zach Hackfeld scored another goal for the Atoms.

With the score at the end of the second quarter at 9-3, the Atoms managed to score two more goals in the remainder of the game. Hatch got the game back in motion by scoring the third goal for the Atoms. Senior Attack Caleb Britton added another point to the board by getting the Atoms their fourth goal.

While the Eagles ended up scoring an additional three points by the end of the game, both goalies, sophomore Marco Ocampos and senior Ryan Flynn, had prevented many goals from going in.

Although the Atoms didn’t do as well as they had desired, they believe that it just wasn’t their night.

“The game was up for grabs and they just wanted it more than we did,” Saldana said.