Coach’s Corner: Jimmy Brown

Girls Varsity Basketball Coach looks to improve team record against rivals


Coach Jimmy Brown poses for a picture during basketball practice.

Ethan Zimmerman, Staff Writer

Q: How long have you been coaching basketball?

A: I have been coaching basketball for 12 years as a head coach.

Q: How long have you been coaching at AHS?

A: This will be my third year coaching at Annandale so far.

Q: What is your favorite part about coaching at Annandale?

A: My favorite part about coaching at Annandale is developing a second family here where the girls can always come back and know that they were a part of this.

Q: Besides basketball, is there any other sport you would coach?

A: Besides basketball, I have coached football and baseball in the past.

Q: What made you want to coach and is there a story behind why you coach?

A: I always wanted to be a professional baseball player, but when that did not happen, I knew coaching was for me. I loved it from a young age and always enjoyed trying to improve players’ ability.

Q: Did you participate in basketball in high school or college?

A: I played basketball, baseball and football for all four years in high school and played baseball at Georgia Southern University.

Q: What advice do you have for underclassmen who are interested in participating in basketball for this year?

A: One of my favorite quotes is “the winter will ask the summer what you did.” It means that anyone can bounce a basketball when its basketball season, but a player that wants to improve gets better during the off-season. It’s the work that is put in before the games that counts.

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment in coaching basketball?

A: My biggest accomplishment would be my 2008-2009 team at O’Connell High School which led the nation in most three point shots made for the season. We finished 17-15 and made the semifinals.

Q: What goals do you set yourself as a basketball coach?

A: If we as coaches build relationships, build a second family environment, make it fun and improve the girls’ skills, then we have done our job.

Q: Did you play basketball growing up?

A: Yes, I played basketball all the time, but baseball was my first love.

Q: What makes you want to continue coaching basketball?

A: Building the basketball program on all three levels, freshmen, JV, and varsity, so that we are as respected as other schools.