Swim gets a taste of success

Key changes lead swim to first dub

Mahdi Larhmari, Staff Writer

The swim season is off with  the first meets against South county HS at Oak Marr Rec center, both Boys and Girls team fell short. The Stallions had a 225 to 76 against boys and 220 to 95 against girls.

“The team needs to re-unite in practice and do better in what they failed on.” Junior Jon Figley said, “our technical skills like our starts and flip turns need to improve.”

On December 10, the girls swim team beat T.C Williams HS at Mount Vernon rec center.

This was a great bounce back from South County loss. Coach Douglas also believes that the girls improved.

“The girls stepped it up in the strokes which they struggled in against South County,” coach Douglas said, “they helped each other and motivated each other to do better.””

The girls team will look to keep up their wins this Friday againsts W.T. Woodson.

The team has started to warm up, and all the returning and new swimmers are ready to go.

With new coaches, Victoria Douglas and Shelly Kendall, the swim team is prepared for all challenges that’s holding them from a great season.

The new coaches got an extraordinary welcome. Players are excited to see what the new coaches can bring to the table.

Jon Figley is returning for his 3rd season, “I think the coaches are going to make us better, but they are changing a lot of old traditions along the way,” Figley said.

Hopefully, the coaches live up to the high hopes.

Sophomore swimmer, Alejandro Casquino hopes to break some records including his team.

“We need to work on our technical skills like our starts and flip turns,” Casquino said.

Every single second counts in practice in order for Alejandro and his fellow teammates to put some records on the board or break some. Alejandro is also playing JV basketball.

The boys and girls team will square off against Woodson this Friday the 17th at South Run rec center.