Golf strives for a successful season

Alex Burita, Sports Editor

Both boys and girls golf kicked off a new season in their first match, hosting T.C. Williams on Aug. 7, 2018.

Since then, there have been for three other matches (all of which are in Annandale’s district) against West Potomac, T.C. Williams, and Mount Vernon in that order.

For AHS’ most recent match, they headed to Mount Vernon to face the Majors on Aug. 22.

However, performances during that match were defective for a number of reasons.

“We could have done better. We were all a bit flustered because we had not played there before. It was a blind course due to there being no score card to divulge the map and distance to the hole,” freshman Kate Crestman said.

Nevertheless, the match provides a learning experience for games at the Major’s unfamiliar course in the future.

With the first five matches already complete, performances have been assessed and goals set accordingly.

The matches gauged how AHS will perform in the future in the District Tournament and helped acclimatize everyone to the different courses that will be played on throughout the season.

“My goal for this season as a freshman are to lower my stroke count at each match and eventually breakfifty this season,” Crestman said.

Crestman notes that her stroke count this season is already much improved since initially starting to practice in May, just a mere four months ago.

“I would love to qualify for the regional match to represent AHS in my next three years. But this season, I could definitely improve on accelerating through the hitting zone. I’m new to the game and I am trying to improve every day, but it has been a great year so far though,” Crestman said.

Additionally, improvement is almost certain to come as the majority of the team is composed of freshman, who are new to the game and are developing on a daily basis.

“[With a young team] we may not win every match, but our game play and stroke count is getting better and better,” Crestman said.

Overall, golf will consistently look to improve in practices and matches leading up to the district tournament on Sept. 24 and 25.

Based on the results during the district meet, players that qualify will head onto the regional meet.

However, it is not often that the Atoms sends more than one player onto the regional meet.