Alumni basketball game is a success on its debut

Eyob Dagnachew, Staff Writer

AHS’s basketball program was excited to host the very first alumni basketball game where students who graduated could connect with the community.

The game was played on Jan. 5 and was used as a fundraiser for basketball programs at AHS.

Overall, the event was positively received with many student attendees which, in turn, raised money for the AHS basketball programs.

With this being the first annual alumni game, it was much more important for this to be a success than other fundraising events, such as our football games or Homecoming which are already part of AHS tradition.

At the event, there were many athletes who were participated and students that came to support.

“Any event that involves positive community involvement and support is worth it. I also feel that the number of people who came out to support us in the alumni basketball games during its premier was tremendous,” girls varsity basketball coach Fawn Tucker said.

“[The] plan is to have more support in years that this event has to come.”

Other than raising money for the school, the alumni game promoted community involvement within the school and provided another opportunity for past students to stay involved.

While this can be can be considered a fundraiser for AHS, coach Tucker expressed otherwise stating that the funds raised was not the primary focus of the event, rather community involvement.

“I feel that there are tons of ways to fundraise for any cause. However you cannot place a dollar amount on building a community,” coach Tucker said.

While drawing wide attention from students at AHS, the game can be considered a huge success.

“I believe everyone had a great time. We also gave guests the opportunity to be involved in our event through halftime activities, as well as through the purchase of raffle tickets,” Tucker said.

Due to its success on its debut, it is likely that the alumni game will become an annual event every Jan. and fulfill its goals of building a community at AHS.