Boys condition with new coach

Erik Rivas , Sports Editor

The boys soccer season is well on its way.

Players came out to many Green Days practices to meet the new head coach and showed off their skills and abilities in the game.

This year the team will be directed by head coach Tejas Patel. Coach Patel is new to AHS and has been coaching for 19 years.

Before coming to AHS, Patel was an assistant coach at South Lakes. The year before that, Patel was the head coach at Herndon.

About 22 people showed up to the green day, which has been the maximum amount of players to show up to a boys soccer Green Day this season.

In fact, one Green Day featured less than 10 players, the season minimum in participation for green days.

Overall, each of the Green Days so far consisted of various activites: running, core drills, game of possession and full field games. All of these will serve to be useful in preparing the team both physically and mentally for the tough season that they will have ahead.

The players also have the option to show up to a yellow day practice, which consists purely of conditioning and less technical activities.

Yellow day practices are geared to help players become fit for both tryouts and the season.

However, approximately 10 players showed up to the first Yellow Day.

The soccer season is beginning soon, the first tryout was on Feb. 19.

Players, specifically those on the JV team and incoming freshmen, have been training for the tryouts since the fall to insure they have their spot on the varsity team.

“Out of school, I have prepared many different ways. I play for a team outside of school, and they gave me the opportunity to play out in Spain,” junior Andy Hernandez said. “I have also trained a lot myself to get better, so I could compete.”

Coach Patel is looking forward to seeing Atoms fans come out to soccer games.

“I am looking forward to seeing Atoms supporters filling our stands during games,” Patel said. “I want to see our stands covered in red.”